Research for Improved Māori Child Health Outcomes

The Whakawhetū research plan seeks to source, review and disseminate SUDI related research to enable health professionals to support Māori whānau reduce the risk of SUDI for their babies. We do this through drawing on evidence based research that then informs key messages appropriately targeted to a wide range of stakeholders from whānau to health professionals.



Sally A. Baddock, PhD, a, b David Tipene-Leach, MBChB, FNZCPHM (Hon), b Sheila M. Williams, DSc, c Angeline Tangiora, BN, b Raymond Jones, RN, PGDipHealInf, b Ella Iosua, PhD, c Emily C. Macleod, PhD, PGDipClPs, b Barry J. Taylor, MBChB, FRACPb, d
University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic
9th January 2017
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2 June 2017
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Gayl Humphrey Chris Bullen Fiona Rossen Natalie Walker
PARENTAL SMOKING DURING PREGNANCY Findings from the Growing Up in New Zealand Cohort
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Dr Carla Houkamau
April 2016
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5 July 2016
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